Process Design

  • Process Simulation / Process Design Calculations.
  • Process Design Basis.
  • Heat & Mass balance.
  • Development of PFD's & PID's for Process / Utilities.
  • Line Sizing and Pressure Drop Calculations.
  • Specification for Packaged Equipment.
  • Relief Valve Calculations.
  • Flare System Design.
  • Depressurization Studies.
  • ESD and F&G Philosophies.
  • Plant Optimization, De-bottlenecking studies.
  • Pre Commissioning and Commissioning Support.
  • Conceptual Studies in upstream sector.
  • Transient Studies for multiphase pipelines.
  • Corrosion prediction and Material Selection.
  • Techno-Economic Evaluation.

Process Safety

  • HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study), HAZID (Hazard Identification), HAZAN (Hazard Analysis), QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment), FSA (Formal Safety Assessment) studies.
  • Design of active and passive Fire protection systems, F&G detection layout and studies.
  • Dispersion and radiation calculations.

Piping & Plant Layout Design

  • 3D Plant layout design.
  • Overall Plant layout/Plot Plan.
  • Piping Material Specification (PMS).
  • Specification for Valves and Speciality Items.
  • Tie in Schedule.
  • Piping GA drawings, Isometrics, Support Drawings & Material Take Off.
  • Pre Commissioning and Commissioning Support.

Piping Stress / Surge Analysis

  • Piping system code compliance for ASME B31.1, B31.3.
  • Preparation of Stress Design Criteria and Critical Line List.
  • Analysis of piping system connected to vessels, columns, heat exchangers, storage tanks, pumps, compressors, turbines, air coolers and fired heaters.
  • Dynamic analysis for piping system with water hammer, flange leakage check, slug flow, earthquake and relief valve discharge.


  • Pipeline Design basis.
  • Pipeline Sizing report.
  • Pipeline Route selection report.
  • Pipeline Material Selection report.
  • Pipeline wall thickness calculation.
  • Pipeline Crossings drawings.
  • Field Pipeline Layout.
  • Pipeline Alignment Drawings.
  • Purchase specification.
  • Transient Hydraulic Analysis in Gas Pipeline Networks.
  • Surge Analysis in Liquid Pipelines and Pipe Networks.
  • Flow Line Routing and station approach Layouts.

Mechanical Equipment Design

  • Pressure Vessels.
  • 2 Phase & 3 Phase Separators.
  • Heater Treater Skids.
  • Storage Tanks.
  • Steam Drums.
  • Heat Exchangers.
  • Filtration Skids.
  • Shell & Tube type Boilers.
  • Super Heaters.
  • Pump design.
  • Data Sheets.
  • GA & Fabrication Drawings.
  • MRs & Procurement Support.
  • Inspection & Test Plans.
  • Design Calculations.
  • Finite Element Analysis.
  • Vendor Document Review.
  • Technical Bid Evaluation and Reports.

Electrical System Design

  • Design for LT/ HT Motor drivers, HV/LV Switch gears, DG Sets, UPS, MCC / PCC GA & Fabrication Drawings.
  • Cathodic Protection.
  • Field Engineering for electrical cable schedules, cable tray routing diagram. Design Calculations.
  • Single line diagrams.
  • GA drawings of electrical equipment.
  • Illumination Design & Lighting Layouts.
  • Lightening Protection Design and Drawings.
  • Cable Sizing Calculations & voltage drop calculations.
  • Earthing layout diagrams.
  • Technical Bid Evaluations & Procurement Assistance.

Instrumentation & Control System Design

  • Instrumentation Engineering services in compliance with International Codes & Standard.
  • Field engineering including cable schedule, tray layout, loop drawings, interconnection drawings & process hook-up drawings, control system architecture.
  • Generating control narratives, Safety shutdown logic diagram and cause & effect diagrams.
  • Generating control valve / instrument (orifice, PSV) sizing calculations.
  • Detail engineering of Integrated control system including DCS, ESD, SCADA and flare gas systems.
  • Technical Bid Evaluation and Procurement Assistance.

Civil & Structural Design

  • Analysis, Design & Detailing of Steel and Concrete Structures using International Codes and Standards.
  • Structural analysis for reciprocating compressor shed, pipe racks, modularized skid package structures, control room buildings.
  • Civil foundation design for tank (pad & pile), Industrial structures, Static equipment, Stacks and dynamic equipment.
  • Structural Design Calculations using STAAD.
  • Foundation Design Calculations.
  • Lifting and Transportation Analysis.
  • Structural 3D Modeling.
  • RCC & Structural GA Drawings, Assembly & Fabrication drawings, RCC detail drawings.
  • Preparation of Scope of Work for Topographical & Geotechnical Survey.
  • Plant Piping & Equipment modelling: Smart Plant 3D, PDS and PDMS.
  • Piping Stress Analysis: CAESAR II.
  • P&ID: SPPID and AutoCad, Microstation.
  • Vessel / Heat Exchanger: PV Elite.
  • Storage Tanks: Coade TANK / ETank.
  • Structural Engineering: STAAD-Pro.
  • Instrumentation: InTools.

Procurement is considered a key element in the execution of any project. Procurement at BGE is managed by a team of qualified professionals. They are in charge of sourcing new suppliers, buying, expediting orders, inspecting the manufacturing of equipment and bulk material as well as organizing delivery and logistics.

Procurement Mission

  • Develop and implement Procurement strategies to improve competitiveness.
  • Own and update BGE's list of Approved Suppliers.
  • Increase the Supplier base through sourcing and qualification of new suppliers and products, with a focus on High Value Procurement countries.
  • Develop and manage long- term relationships and partnerships with BGE's Top Suppliers.
  • Promote design-to-cost solutions.
  • Gather and report information critical to operations.
  • Ownership and enforcement of BGE's procurement policies.

Procurement Functions

  • Cost Estimation.
  • Commercial feasibility and budgeting.
  • Sub consultancy Management.
  • Negotiate with suppliers on lead-time, cost and quality so as to obtain the maximum benefit for the company.
  • Manage suppliers to meet objectives related to cost, delivery performance, schedule and quality.
  • Develop purchasing or sourcing strategies based on portfolio analyses and supplier preference study.
  • Define and maintain documented category and supplier strategies using market and competitive data.
  • Develop, implement and drive the procurement strategies in order to meet cost savings targets.
  • Review and manage the supplier base to ensure consistency with the sourcing strategy.
  • Perform regular performance review with suppliers to drive continuous improvements.
  • Ensure commercial, legal and contractual compliances in all the procurement transactions.
  • Adopt appropriate supplier management methodologies and procurement strategies in purchasing to secure better prices.